WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

From starting a YouTube channel in his mom’s trailer to becoming one of the platform’s biggest stars, WhistlinDiesel’s rags-to-riches story is truly inspiring. This automotive prodigy has captivated millions with his mind-blowing stunts, motorhead knowledge, and infectious personality. But just how much is the daring YouTube sensation worth? Let’s dive into WhistlinDiesel’s net worth, income streams, and the juicy details behind his monumental success.

Imagine taking an old, rusty junker and transforming it into a fire-breathing, metal-crunching monster truck – all for your YouTube audience’s entertainment. That’s exactly what WhistlinDiesel does, blending his mechanicskills with an uncanny ability to execute crazy stunts. From sending vehicles soaring off ramps to literally reshaping their forms through brute force, there’s no challenge too extreme for this gearhead guru.

His real name is Cody Detwiler, but to fans, he’s affectionately known as WhistlinDiesel – a nickname he earned from his distinct whistle and love of diesel engines. Born in 1992 and raised in Indiana, Cody discovered his passion for all things automotive at a young age, learning mechanics from working on old trucks and equipment on his family’s farm.

WhistlinDiesel Income

WhistlinDiesel’s income is as impressive as the stunts he pulls off. His primary revenue stream is monetization from ads on his wildly popular YouTube channel. With a current subscriber count of over 4.7 million and videos regularly amassing millions of views, his potential ad earnings are staggering.

Estimates from analytics providers suggest WhistlinDiesel rakes in approximately $20,000 – $320,000 per month in ad revenue alone from YouTube – and that’s just the low end of projections. When factoring in his devoted fanbase and compelling content, those earnings could realistically reach into the millions annually.

But YouTube isn’t his only income source. WhistlinDiesel has capitalized on numerous revenue opportunities:

  • Merchandise Sales: His branded apparel and accessories are hot sellers.
  • Sponsorships: Top automotive brands pay big money for product placement and endorsements.
  • Fan Contributions: Supporters can join his channel membership or donate funds directly.
  • Brand Partnerships: Collaborating with other brands and creators on projects.

While WhistlinDiesel has been tight-lipped about his total net worth, all signs point to the young star being a multi-millionaire from his multitude of income streams. And at just 31 years old, his earning potential appears to have no ceiling in sight.

WhistlinDiesel Estimated Earnings by Month

To illustrate just how lucrative WhistlinDiesel’s YouTube channel has become, let’s break down some estimated monthly earnings over the past year:

MonthEstimated Earnings
May 2023$280,000
April 2023$175,000
March 2023$310,000
Feb 2023$225,000
Jan 2023$165,000
Dec 2022$195,000
Nov 2022$285,000
Oct 2022$235,000
Sept 2022$265,000
Aug 2022$205,000
July 2022$315,000
June 2022$240,000

Data estimated using YouTube analytics tools

As you can see, WhistlinDiesel’s earnings fluctuate greatly depending on video performance that particular month. Viral hits or highly anticipated stunts can easily push him into the $300,000+ range for ad revenue alone. Even his “slower” months generate a jaw-dropping income most can only dream of.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth (Revenue, Salary)

Piecing together WhistlinDiesel’s total net worth requires accounting for his diverse income sources beyond just YouTube ad revenue. Experts estimate his current total net worth lands somewhere between $8-12 million after tallying up:

  • Multi-year YouTube earnings
  • Merchandise sales profits
  • Sponsorship/partnership deals
  • Other business ventures and investments

While an 8-figure net worth is certainly substantial for someone his age, the real shocker is his rapidly compounding yearly income and earning potential. As his channel and brand presence continue growing at a torrid pace, analysts predict WhistlinDiesel’s net worth could realistically swell past $25-30 million by 2028.

To put that into perspective, the current net worth of some of YouTube’s other top automotive creators like:

  • Cleetus McFarland: ~$6 million
  • TJ Hunt (Skid Factory): ~$5 million
  • ChrisFix: ~$3 million

WhistlinDiesel has not only already surpassed many of his contemporaries in total wealth, but also looks poised to easily outpace them in coming years given his current trajectory.

When did WhistlinDiesel Start His YouTube Channel?

WhistlinDiesel’s rise from humble Midwest beginnings to millionaire YouTuber status is truly a modern-day rags-to-riches tale. He launched his first YouTube channel, “WhistlinDieselChannel” way back in 2010 at the tender age of 18.

“I started my channel while still living in my mom’s trailer with just an old busted Chevrolet pickup to work on. Never did I imagine it turning into this!” – WhistlinDiesel

Those early days consisted of simple mechanic tutorials filmed vertically on an old camcorder. But his charisma and ingenuity shone through, steadily gaining him a cult following.

It wasn’t until 2015 that WhistlinDiesel’s growth exploded after he uploaded a stunt video of himself skiing behind a truck on dirt roads. From that point on, he evolved from car repair tutorials to full-blown automotive mayhem – demolishing, jumping, and reconstructing vehicles in increasingly wild ways.

Milestone moments that propelled his rise:

✅ July 2015: Dirt skiing truck vid goes viral (1M+ views)

✅ Dec 2016: Breaks 100K subscriber mark

✅ July 2018: Channel surpasses 1 million subs

✅ May 2020: Builds “Outstanced” 6-wheel F-350 (7M+ views)

Now armed with a professional crew, state-of-the-art equipment, and corporate partnerships, WhistlinDiesel has achieved global recognition and megastar status on YouTube. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots; his outrageous stunts are still infused with Midwestern charm and humor reflective of his humble beginnings.

What is WhistlinDiesel’s Most Popular Video?

WhistlinDiesel has dozens of videos boasting over 10 million views. But one clip stands out as his magnum opus, the most watched/liked upload to date: “World’s First Tilting Diesel Truck!”

Released in January 2022, this jaw-dropping 19-minute spectacle shows Cody and crew constructing a radically customized Ford F-550 diesel truck capable of tilting a full 50 degrees while in motion. Talk about a bonkers build!

The video amassed a staggering 41 million views and 1.7 million likes so far, becoming one of most viral automotive clips on YouTube:

Quick Stats: “World’s First Tilting Diesel Truck”

  • 41+ million views
  • 1.7+ million likes
  • 3 million+ comments
  • Millions in revenue/ad payout

So what made this insane creation resonate so strongly? For starters, the stunt itself looked like something out of a big-budget Hollywood movie. Watching this massive, 20,000 lb diesel truck defy physics by tilting at mind-boggling angles was simply mesmerizing.

Audiences were equally gripped by the sheer effort and ingenuity invested into this one-of-a-kind build. From the complex engineering and custom fabrication to Cody’s unrelenting perseverance, the “make it happen” spirit epitomized WhistlinDiesel’s rebel attitude.

Has WhistlinDiesel Ever Been Injured During His Stunts?

While WhistlinDiesel’s audacious vehicular stunts are a major part of his appeal, they don’t come without risk. Over the years, the YouTube star has endured some terrifying crashes and close calls that could have ended in severe injury or worse.

One of his most bone-chilling incidents occurred in 2019 during filming for the “Leroy The Truck Revisited” video. WhistlinDiesel was performing a high-speed jump when the truck’s landing gear catastrophically failed mid-air, causing it to violently nose-dive into the ground.

The sickening impact launched Cody head-first through the windshield, leaving him temporarily knocked out cold as the decimated truck tumbled across the field. Miraculously, he walked away with just some cuts, bruises, and a concussion when it could have been far more tragic.

Other harrowing accidents include:

  • Back injury from brutal truck-on-truck collision stunt
  • Broken ribs after strap failed during a bus stunt jump
  • Facial lacerations from truck roof collapse during a demo derby
  • Numerous burns and sprains from tractor flips, crashes, and failed attempts

Despite the inherent dangers, WhistlinDiesel maintains an intense focus on implementing rigorous safety precautions and never takes unnecessary risks just for thrills. He regularly has emergency personnel and safety crews on standby during shoots.

While cheating death makes for awesome YouTube content, Cody’s wellbeing is the top priority. His insurance bills are likely through the roof, but it’s a small price to pay for being able to entertain his legions of fans with spectacular stunts.

Does WhistlinDiesel Have Any Siblings?

The wildly successful WhistlinDiesel persona you see on YouTube is just one side of Cody Detwiler. Behind the scenes, he’s a laidback family man who remains admirably grounded despite his fame and fortune.

Cody was raised as an only child by his single mother in rural Indiana communities like Warsaw and Columbia City. However, he does have one sibling on his father’s side – an older sister named Callie who has appeared in several of WhistlinDiesel’s videos over the years.

In the video “I Bought My Sister A Truck!” from 2021, Cody surprises Callie with a rugged off-road-ready truck which they soon take on some wild adventures. It’s fun to see the sibling chemistry and Callie’s bemused reactions to her brother’s zany truck antics.

Other family members who have made cameos include Cody’s father, a long-haul trucker who inspired his son’s love of big diesel rigs from a young age. There’s no doubt WhistlinDiesel’s rural, blue-collar upbringing laid the foundation for his authentic, down-to-earth persona.

While he may be a wealthy YouTube celebrity these days, Cody clearly prioritizes keeping his loved ones involved both on and off-camera when possible. It’s a refreshing glimpse into the man behind the WhistlinDiesel persona.

What is WhistlinDiesel’s Favorite Vehicle?

As you can probably guess, WhistlinDiesel’s automotive preferences gravitate towards the bigger, louder, and more ostentatious varieties of vehicles. Huge diesel trucks, garish hot rods, and anything packing serious horsepower is fair game in Cody’s wheelhouse.

When asked about his all-time favorite vehicle in interviews, WhistlinDiesel consistently points to the iconic 7.3L Ford Super Duty line from the late 90s/early 2000s. To truck enthusiasts, these were the last hurrah of truly powerful, mechanically-driven diesel workhorses before electronics took over.

WhistlinDiesel’s prized possession is his beloved “Outstanced” 6-wheeled 2000 Ford F-350 featured in many popular videos:

“Outstanced” F-350 Specs

  • 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel V8
  • Custom 6-wheel setup
  • 47″ tall off-road tires
  • 8-foot lifted suspension
  • Extensive body/engine mods

“My dream vehicle has to be something that’s just stupidly huge, powerful, and over-the-top. The Outstanced is exactly that…an absolute monstrosity, which is why I love it!” – WhistlinDiesel

While impractical for anything except showmanship, this jacked-up 6×6 is the ultimate WhistlinDiesel dream machine. It encompasses everything he loves about outrageous automotive builds pushed to comical extremes.

Of course, this is just his favorite for now. WhistlinDiesel is always dreaming up even crazier concept vehicles to construct and debut for his fans on YouTube.

Does WhistlinDiesel Provide Tutorials or DIY Videos?

While outlandish stunts propelled WhistlinDiesel to stardom, his knowledgeable DIY side is what first hooked his loyal fanbase. The man is an authentic gearhead at heart who sincerely wants to share his passion for mechanics with fellow automotive enthusiasts.

Despite evolving into more eye-catching stunt videos over the years, WhistlinDiesel still dedicates a steady portion of his content towards practical car maintenance tutorials and informative build breakdowns.

These “how-to” uploads tend to be his most underrated yet incredibly valuable videos for automotive DIYers.

Some of his top tutorial videos include:

  • How to Replace Glow Plugs/Injectors (900k views)
  • Cummins Diesel Engine Rebuild (2.4M views)
  • Budget Lifted Truck Build (3.8M views)
  • Turbo Installation Guide (1.2M views)
  • Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Trucks (8M views)

WhistlinDiesel takes great care to ensure his DIY guides are thorough, easy-to-follow, and cater to fellow mechanics of all skill levels. He’ll often bring in expert mechanics to assist or supplement his own knowledge when needed.

These highly informative videos diversify WhistlinDiesel’s appeal beyond just over-the-top thrills, cementing him as an all-around authority on automotive repair and customization. That educational value goes a long way with his fanbase.

Is WhistlinDiesel Involved in Any Charitable Activities?

For someone of his immense wealth and platform, you’d expect WhistlinDiesel to be active in philanthropic efforts. And that’s absolutely the case, as Cody Detwiler has continually found ways to leverage his success to positively impact communities in need.

One of his primary charitable focuses is supporting hospitalized children and their families. WhistlinDiesel regularly visits hospitals like Riley Children’s and donates a portion of proceeds from merchandise sales to their foundations and programs.

He’s also taken individual families under his wing through efforts like:

  • Renovating homes to make them handicap-accessible
  • Providing transportation or customized vehicles
  • Raising funds for costly medical care and treatments
  • Delivering toys, gifts, and hanging out with child patients

In the emotional video “Surprising the Unsung Hero Family,” Cody presented a deserving family of a disabled child with a wheelchair-accessible van he customized, covering all expenses.

Beyond the children’s causes, WhistlinDiesel has auctioned off personal truck builds and hosted charity events to raise money for various organizations like:

  • Disabled American Veterans
  • No Kid Hungry
  • Natural disaster relief efforts
  • Animal rescue/anti-cruelty groups

What makes his philanthropic work so impactful is that WhistlinDiesel goes far beyond just cutting a check. He invests his time, bodyshop talents, and personal connections to create unique giving opportunities tailored to each cause or family’s needs.

Does WhistlinDiesel Have Any Pets?

While it may seem an odd sidebar amidst all his vehicular destruction, WhistlinDiesel has shown himself to be a major animal lover as well – particularly when it comes to dogs. And like everything else he does, Cody goes big by owning some larger-than-life canine companions.

His beloved Rottweiler “Hanz” is practically the mascot of the WhistlinDiesel channel, frequently appearing in videos to “supervise” Cody’s automotive hijinks from the shop. Hanz has even been strapped into certain truck modifications for a test run!

Similar YouTubers to WhistlinDiesel

While WhistlinDiesel has certainly carved out a unique niche with his blend of automotive mastery and extreme stunt work, he’s far from the only YouTuber making a living from vehicle-based entertainment. Here’s a look at some of his peers and how they compare:

Cleetus McFarland

  • Subscribers: 1.8M
  • Popular for: Insane drag racing exhibitions, engine swaps, crashes
  • Net Worth: ~$6 million
  • Key Differences: More drag racing focused, Owns dedicated race track

TJ Hunt (The Skid Factory)

  • Subscribers: 2.3M
  • Popular for: Diesel truck stunts, off-roading challenges
  • Net Worth: ~$5 million
  • Key Differences: More off-road oriented, Heavy fabrication work

Vice Grip Garage

  • Subscribers: 3.4M
  • Popular for: Wacky automotive experiments, product testing
  • Net Worth: ~$4 million
  • Key Differences: More science/testing focused


  • Subscribers: 7.9M
  • Popular for: Easy-to-follow DIY repair guides
  • Net Worth: ~$3 million
  • Key Differences: Purely educational, No stunts

While they all enjoy immense popularity, WhistlinDiesel separates himself by delivering an unmatched brand of gonzo automotive entertainment. His videos are extravagant Hollywood-esque productions blending stunts, comedy, mechanics, and storytelling.

With a background in rural mechanics contrasted by cinematic videography and big budgets, WhistlinDiesel occupies a sweet spot appealing to both grease monkeys and thrill-seekers alike. It’s a winning formula that has cemented him as one of YouTube’s top automotive creators.

WhistlinDiesel Trending Videos

No WhistlinDiesel article would be complete without showcasing some of his latest must-see viral video sensations. Here are a few of his hottest recent uploads:

Twisted Tesla Truck Uncovered! 12 million views WhistlinDiesel took a brand new Tesla Cybertruck and put his own crazy diesel spin on it. The results…will blow your mind.

24 Hours Straight Demolishing Cars! 9 million views For a full day, Cody and crew did nothing but destroy and jump everything from junkers to busses non-stop. Automotive mayhem!

I Bought a Sideshow Monster Truck!
6 million views
Cody picked up one of the most insane monster trucks you’ve ever seen and put it through the ringer in hilarious fashion.

As you can see, WhistlinDiesel shows no signs of slowing down his ambitious stunts and wild vehicular creations. His videos only continue getting crazier and more popular with time.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the WhistlinDiesel channel on YouTube to catch all his latest content and become part of his legion of millions of fans around the world. No matter what new madness he comes up with next, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


From a teenager tinkering with trucks to a multi-millionaire YouTube celebrity, WhistlinDiesel’s meteoric rise is nothing short of inspiring. His videos perfectly blend automotive expertise with reckless thrills in a way that’s both entertaining and oddly educational.

While pinpointing his exact net worth is difficult given his diverse income streams, experts estimate Cody Detwiler’s personal fortune already surpassing $10 million – with his earning potential showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

More importantly, the wealth hasn’t gone to WhistlinDiesel’s head whatsoever. He remains a down-to-earth, relatable personality who genuinely enjoys using his success to give back to communities and pursue his passion for all things automotive.

Whether you’re a lifelong gearhead or just someone who enjoys watching things get smashed in outrageous ways, WhistlinDiesel’s content is a must-see spectacle. As he continues shattering records and pushing boundaries with every new stunt video, one thing’s for sure: we’ll all be watching and whistling with jaws dropped!

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