Who is Can Yaman’s Wife?

Can Yaman is a famous Turkish actor who is known around the world for his roles in popular television shows. One topic that interests many of his fans is his relationship status.

While he tends to keep his private life out of the media spotlight, there has been widespread speculation and rumors about whether he is married.

This blog briefly looks at the ongoing discussion and interest amongst his huge fan base regarding if the acclaimed actor currently has a wife or is currently unmarried. With simple and clear sentences, it sets up the topic of exploring Can Yaman’s marriage reports in more depth.

Affairs and Girlfriends

Affairs and Girlfriends

It is known that Can Yaman previously dated a number of women over the years as his star rose. One early rumored relationship was with fellow Turkish actress Beste Kent in 2016. However, neither commented publicly on dating reports.

Demet Ozdemir was another co-star Yaman was linked to during filming of their hit show Erkenci Kus. While fans loved their on-screen chemistry, the co-stars did not confirm off-screen romance. Their friendship and professional relationship is said to remain strong.

Perhaps the highest profile connection was speculation of a brief fling with Italian actress Diletta Leotta in 2020. Photos of them together in Italy fueled widespread gossip. Yet like past links, Yaman gave no statements, leaving admirers to speculate on his true feelings and commitment to past partners over his private career so far.

  • Açelya Topaloğlu (Turkish actress; 2015-2016)
  • Bestemsu Özdemir (Turkish actress; 2016-2017)
  • Rabia Yaman (Turkish fashion editor and stylist 2017-2018)
  • Demet Özdemir (Turkish actress; 2018-2020)
  • Diletta Leotta (Italian TV presenter; 2020 to 2021)
  • Maria Giovanna Adamo (Neapolitan model; 2022-present)

Can Yaman’s Wife

While Yaman has never openly spoken about marriage, rumors circulated in early 2022 that he had secretly wedded his girlfriend Mila Altun. Not much is known about Altun, but pictures were leaked purportedly showing their wedding ceremony.

But no official confirmation or denial of the marriage claims. Without any clear statement from the private actor himself, the current and accurate status of his relationship remains unclear.

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Can Yaman’s Wife Photos

Photos claimed to show Can Yaman marrying Mila Altun in early 2022 circulated online. The murky pictures appeared to capture the private ceremony, though without confirmation their authenticity remains dubious.

As the actor never comments on his personal life, these unverified wedding photos are all that fuel speculation about whether he truly wed Mila Altun.

Can Yaman’s Relationship Status

Can Yaman’s relationship status is a subject of constant debate, as he keeps this information private. While past romance rumors linked him to female co-stars, he never spoke on these.

Reports in 2022 said he married Mila Altun, but without his input, his true marital condition stays ambiguous. Fans remain unsure if he is married, dating, or single presently due to his secrecy on the topic.

Who is Diletta Leotta?

Diletta Leotta is an Italian television presenter and model. Born in 1991 in Sicily, Italy, Leotta has become a prominent figure in sports journalism in her home country. She hosts programs like Serie A football matches and appears regularly on digital and TV platforms discussing Italian sports.

Leotta’s good looks also led her to modeling work. She garnered massive international attention in early 2021 when photos showed her apparently dating Turkish actor Can Yaman while he visited Italy, causing a media frenzy around their suspected romantic connection.

How Did Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Meet?


It is unknown exactly how or when Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta met as neither party confirmed they dated. Speculation was they were introduced by mutual friends in Turkey in late 2020, as photos soon emerged of them enjoying time together there, fueling worldwide romance rumors.


Can Yaman is famous for dramatic roles on television, his real-life love interests seem just as dramatized. From co-star rumors to his brief connection to Diletta Leotta, nothing appears clearly defined due to his secrecy.

Fans remain on the edges of their seats hoping one day to learn the straightforward truth about Can Yaman’s true marital status and feelings for rumored partners past and present. But only the private actor himself holds those answers for now.


What photos have circulated about his marriage?

Pictures claiming to show Can Yaman and Mila Altun’s wedding ceremony in 2022 leaked online, but their validity remains unverified.

Who was Can Yaman linked to romantically in the past?

Co-stars like Demet Ozdemir and reports of brief romances with Beste Kent and Diletta Leotta fueled rumors over the years.

What is known about Can Yaman’s dating life?

Very little as he keeps this information private, leaving fans speculating over relationship status updates.

Why is there uncertainty around Can Yaman’s wife?

Because Can Yaman never addresses rumors or comments on his personal life, so marriage claims are unconfirmed.

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