15 Ways To Say “Make Sure”

Communication is an art, and the words we choose play a crucial role in conveying our intentions effectively. Instead of relying on the familiar phrase “make sure” every time, we invite you to explore a diverse palette of expressions that can add depth and nuance to your language.

In this guide, we’ll unravel 15 alternative ways to articulate the concept of “making sure,” each accompanied by practical examples to help you integrate them seamlessly into your conversations. Elevate your language skills and bring a fresh vibrancy to your communication by mastering these dynamic expressions.

Alternative Ways To Say “Make Sure”

  1. Ensure
  2. Verify
  3. Confirm
  4. Double-check
  5. Assure
  6. Validate
  7. Affirm
  8. Authenticate
  9. Cement
  10. Ascertain
  11. Secure
  12. Check and recheck
  13. Guarantee
  14. Determine
  15. Establish


You want to stress the importance of completing a specific task. Then using ensure sounds better then saying make sure.

Subject: Ensure All Attachments Are Included

Dear Alex,

As we approach the deadline for the project proposal, please ensure that all necessary attachments, including the budget spreadsheet and project timeline, are included before final submission. Your attention to this detail is crucial for a comprehensive review.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


You need someone to double-check information or details. It’s a great way to show to pay attention to detail.

Subject: Verify Meeting Room Availability Tomorrow

Hi Sarah,

I trust you’re having a productive day. Could you please verify if the meeting room is available at 2 PM tomorrow for our team presentation? Confirming this detail will help us avoid any scheduling conflicts and ensure a smooth meeting.

Appreciate your prompt assistance.


[Your Name]


Use this phrase when you seeking a straightforward acknowledgment or response.

Subject: Confirm Your Attendance – Team-building Event

Hello Chris,

I hope you’re doing well. Could you kindly confirm your attendance at the team-building event scheduled for next Friday? Your presence will add to the camaraderie, and we want to make sure everyone is on board.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


[Your Name]


This phrase emphasize the need for a second look to prevent mistakes.

Subject: Double-Check Recipient List Before Sending

Dear Taylor,

I trust you’re having a great day. Before hitting ‘Send’ on the client presentation email, please double-check the recipient list to ensure all necessary stakeholders are included. A second look will help us avoid any oversights.

Thanks for your attention to detail.


[Your Name]


This phrase offering confidence or guaranteeing a positive outcome.

Subject: Assuring Your Feedback Matters

Hi Jordan,

I appreciate your recent feedback on our new project initiative. I want to assure you that your input is highly valued, and we are actively working to address the points you raised. Your insights contribute significantly to our ongoing improvement.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


Use this phrase for checking and confirming the accuracy or legitimacy of information.

Subject: Validate Shipping Address for Your Order

Dear Morgan,

I hope this email finds you well. Before we dispatch your recent order, could you please validate the shipping address to ensure accurate delivery? Your confirmation will help us avoid any delivery issues.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[Your Name]


Use affirm when you seeking a positive acknowledgment or agreement.

Subject: Affirming Your Agreement with Project Timeline

Hello Leslie,

I trust you’re doing well. To move forward with the project seamlessly, could you please affirm your agreement with the updated timeline? Your confirmation will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Appreciate your prompt response.


[Your Name]


Use authenticate to ensure the identity or legitimacy of a user.

Subject: Authenticate Your Account for Added Security

Dear Cameron,

I trust this email finds you well. To enhance the security of your account, kindly authenticate it by clicking the provided link. This additional step will ensure the safety of your information.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]


Use this phrase in encouraging knowledge or habits for long-term retention.

**Subject:** Cementing Your Language Skills

**Hi Taylor,**

I hope you’re having a great day. To cement your language skills, consider practicing with our language exchange program. Regular participation will boost your confidence and proficiency.

Looking forward to your continued growth.


[Your Name]


Use ascertain instead of using make sure when you are confirming or making sure about specific details.

Subject: Ascertain Client Preferences Before Finalizing Proposal

Dear Morgan,

I trust this message finds you well. As we move forward with the proposal, could you please take a moment to ascertain the client’s preferences regarding the project specifications? Your insights will be instrumental in ensuring we align with their expectations.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


Use this phrase to emphasize the need to protect or reserve something.

Subject: Secure Your Spot – Workshop Registration Reminder

Hi Alex,

I hope you’re doing well. A friendly reminder to secure your spot at the upcoming leadership workshop by completing your registration before the deadline. Your participation will contribute to the success of the event.

Thank you for your prompt action.


[Your Name]

Check and recheck

This phrase is used to Emphasize the importance of a thorough review.

Subject: Check and Recheck for Typos Before Submitting the Report

Hello Leslie,

I trust your day is going smoothly. Before submitting the quarterly report, please take a moment to check and recheck for any typos or formatting errors. A thorough review will ensure the document is polished and error-free.

Appreciate your attention to detail.


[Your Name]


use this phrase to provide a formal assurance of a particular outcome.

Subject: Guarantee: Response Within 24 Hours

Dear Taylor,

I trust you’re having a productive day. We want to guarantee you a swift response to any inquiries or concerns. Please feel free to reach out, and we’ll ensure a reply within 24 hours.

Thank you for choosing us.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


The term “determine” is versatile and can be used in various contexts to express the act of deciding, finding out, or establishing something.

Subject: Determining Availability for Project Kick-off Meeting

Hi [Aneeza],

I trust this email finds you well. As we plan for the upcoming project kick-off meeting, could you help determine your availability for the proposed dates next week? Your input will be crucial in finalizing the schedule and ensuring that everyone can attend.

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards, [Your Name]


It often implies the act of creating or initiating something, whether it’s a relationship, policy, fact, routine, or presence.

Subject: Establishing Key Objectives for the New Quarter

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. As we approach the beginning of the new quarter, let’s work together to establish clear and achievable objectives for our team. Your insights will be invaluable in setting the direction for our collective efforts.

Eager to collaborate on this.

Best, [Your Name]

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In wrapping up, remember that having a variety of ways to say “make sure” not only makes your language more interesting but also helps you express yourself more clearly. So, go ahead and sprinkle these phrases into your conversations—it’s an effortless way to make your communication pop.


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